A renaissance woman and a decision made


I am not too sure where 2014 went, but as we are now already into February 2015 I thought I’d better get my skates on. Yes, I love to write and I love my blog site, it’s a powerful way to escape, dream and visualise! But I also love to paint and every year for the past seven I have participated with Cambridge Open Studios and opened my studio and home to my customers and the general public.

On a sliding scale which do I prefer, writing or painting? The answer is both and sometimes this love causes friction and confusion. Only one can win over the other at any given time, but which one has the greater privilege?  I don’t have the answer to that, but right or wrong, I base my working day on my personal whim and feelings at the time. That way I feel there is more Karma and a less strained workflow. There may well be better methods, one that could possibly improve my time management and even income, but a Geminian polymath can only work this way! The twin, of two minds, with an eclectic array of interests and careers – it can sometimes be a real mess! But I prefer to call it being a renaissance woman! [Continue reading]

When only a good film will do

A film

There are many thousands of writers, bloggers and researchers who devote hours of their day to combine and document relevant information, material and links to worthwhile sources in order to entice and answer an endless array of searches performed on the Internet by trillions of curious people with a thirst for knowledge and a need for answers.

Information is sourced, read, regurgitated and syphoned retaining only what is relevant to the researcher. Whilst writing and sourcing information for my recent article, “Feeling lost and uninspired?” I came across a wonderful site, www.thecelebritycafe.com offering their view of the ‘Top 20 inspirational movies to watch”. I found all the film suggestions extremely inspiring. The site allows you to watch a small snippet of the movie; just long enough to decide whether it would be of interest and to be frank, there are many that I have not seen and cannot wait to do so. [Continue reading]

Feeling lost and uninspired?

Feeling lost & uninspired-212x212

We humans are complex species and our emotions can be as volatile as Mount Vesuvius and as changeable as our British weather. Sometimes bleak thoughts burrow and despair grabs hold like a piranha that simply won’t let go. It loves you and wants to be … [Continue reading]

Mr. Turner

Turner - snow storm 1842-212x212

William Turner (J.M.W. Turner) is one of my all-time favourite artists. He was inventive, passionate and was not afraid to go against the norm - somewhat taboo in the 18th century. I had been eagerly awaiting the release of the film, Mr. Turner and … [Continue reading]

Starbucks and the tea foolery

Costa 212x212

If you have read my previous articles you may have noticed that I clearly have a little thing about coffee shops and the fairness in which they supply food and drink to our great British public. I was particularly miffed when the issue was the … [Continue reading]