Mr. Turner

Turner - snow storm 1842-actualWilliam Turner (J.M.W. Turner) is one of my all-time favourite artists. He was inventive, passionate and was not afraid to go against the norm – somewhat taboo in the 18th century. I had been eagerly awaiting the release of the film, Mr. Turner and purchased two tickets for the very first showing on Friday 31st October 2014 at the Arts Cinema, Cambridge.

To begin, I was sad to see Turner portrayed as a plump man with little regard for human emotion. But to me, the film seemed sparse of all creative input, which I am certain all viewers had hoped to see. There was so very little emphasis on his work or technique and only one reference made to him being tied to the mast of a ship to inspire and furnish himself with enough mental reference to paint the all too familiar and most beautiful painting of the Temeraire! [Continue reading]

Candy Crush and Flappy Birds – What’s the fuss?

Candy crushOn a ritual daily basis most of us receive hundreds of emails, but I, unlike my husband who meticulously deletes every single unwanted email, just leave them until they fall into infinity. Fortunately my efficient technique resulted in finding a gem of an email during a brief floundering moment. The title “How To Make 5k A Month Thanks To Apps” really caught my eye! I had never before considered creating an app, but how could I possibly ignore this live webinar? [Continue reading]

Starbucks and the tea foolery

Costa 212x212

If you have read my previous articles you may have noticed that I clearly have a little thing about coffee shops and the fairness in which they supply food and drink to our great British public. I was particularly miffed when the issue was the … [Continue reading]

Equality – play it fair

Equality square

’Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, it’s certainly not ‘SuperMAN’!’ An article published in the Sunday Times entitled ‘POW! TAKE THAT, LOWLY MAN!’ claims that although women are still struggling for equality, ‘recent studies indicate that they are … [Continue reading]