No time like the present

Credit for image to Derek Gavey

Credit for image to Derek Gavey

‘No time like the present’ is a fantastic saying that I may well use over and over again, but for now the saying is in reference to the time it has taken me to develop this Crazy site, precious time away from the main intended task. Of course, aesthetics, is in the eye of the beholder and what one loves another will hate, but for me, I’ve never felt so proud! I am ‘loving’ the whole feel of my site! [Continue reading]

Equality – play it fair

Equality square

’Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, it’s certainly not ‘SuperMAN’!’ An article published in the Sunday Times entitled ‘POW! TAKE THAT, LOWLY MAN!’ claims that although women are still struggling for equality, ‘recent studies indicate that they are … [Continue reading]

Costa – extra water ban!

costa 2 copy

Whether you're the kind of person that feels alive when in the midst of chaos or feel more at ease alone in silence, we all seem to delight in the experience of entering a coffee house and ordering a speciality, customised drink, finding just the … [Continue reading]